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Lung Cancer Social Media CME program discussion

Lindi Campbell, founder of Breath of Hope KY, participates as a patient panelist in a Lung Cancer Social Media CME program discussion. Lindi is now on a newly approve targeted therapy drug, Osimertinib, for her lung cancer recurrence of early-stage lung cancer. She was asked to participate in this panel discussion with a group of medical professionals to give her input and opinion on this new treatment option recently approved by the FDA for early-stage lung cancer patients. This newly approved drug now gives a promising outlook in delaying or possibly preventing another recurrence of Lindi’s lung cancer.

Amplifying the Radon Message

Lindi Campbell, Founder of Breath of Hope KY, joined Kyle Hoylman, for a discussion on “Amplifying the Radon Message” November 9, 2020 at the virtual AARST International Radon Symposium. Lindi discusses how important she feels it is to include the personal stories and experiences of survivors diagnosed with lung cancer in the radon induced lung cancer message to better help the public understand the true impact radon exposure can have on one’s health.

Linked for Life

Four Kentucky lung cancer survivors collaborate on the filming of a PSA video, “United Voices – Kentucky” to show the impact lung cancer is having on younger women. The video also includes 6 additional young Kentucky women who also speak out about their diagnosis.  This video can be viewed on the Home page of the website.